The protagonist of this story, armed only with the name they chose for themselves
and disabled by pain. Finding themselves deep in the forest with no memories or purpose,
they nearly succumb to death before they are saved by a girl named River.
They swear to always stay by River's side and protect her to repay her kindness.
That alone gives them reason to live, even though they know nothing else.
They are particularly unaware and naive, giving off the impression they were
born yesterday, and posess a dry sense of humor.
They aren't sure if they're a good person since they have no memories, but have an honest and
straightforward attitude, so many people find them trustworthy.


A cheerful but naive young girl who doesn't talk much about her past or identity.
Despite her secretive nature, she is a compassionate and optimistic soul who wants to see the best in the world.
She puts the upmost faith in others, but her propensity to trust too much often gets her into trouble.
Though she wishes she could be intimidating and strong, she's really a fraidy-cat.
Strangely, she seems to have charcoal-colored ears atop her head and a fluffy tail to match, in contrast with her silver hair.
Her last wish is to return to her childhood home.
Not knowing where they can call home themselves, her friends follow her looking for a new life.


A short girl with a bizarre demeanor who is sometimes difficult to understand.
She can be extremely skittish but is lively and energetic given a chance to open up.
She is a highly spiritual person, and has beliefs some may find odd.
Her paintings are special to her, but are incomprehensibly abstract.
Sometimes, she is prone to bouts of depression and paranoid episodes.
Because of her unusual behavior, there have been people who thought she was a demon and tried to hurt her.
She is a vegetarian by choice, but because she belongs to a carnivorous species, this causes her health problems.
However, she refuses to hurt another living creature. She lives by that promise.